May 5th was a success!

Our first ever Convergence event was a success!

Students, artists and teachers arrived on May 5th and were up to the challenge of the revealed theme of “Connected”. It was a whirlwind of only 4 hours to create a final piece. It was amazing to see the connections formed and watch as students from grades 8-12 joined together to reach a common goal.

We have sent out a survey to all attendees to gain feedback on areas where we can improve and to learn what we did well. Taking the student’s experiences and suggestions back to the drawing board we can build upon our first event and make next year even better.

When asked in our anonymous survey regarding what they liked about the day, some responses so far include:

“The chance to work with other students that I have never meet before to create something”

“I loved my group because we sat down and didn’t know each other, and I will admit it was awkward, but give us a few minutes and we talk like best friends. Everyone there was so talented, and in a few hours we made this masterpeice of a song… which was amazing. It inspired me, I made friends, and the whole experience was epic! YOU HAVE TO do this again!!!” 

“I met people who were creative like me and it was really fun working with them”


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